Some Casual Photos

Many site visitors asked us to post some casual photos of him. We informed this matter and he sent some casual photos taken by his wife at home. Here are that photos...Enjoy!!


  1. hi guys why there is sadness in his eyes. did u know rahmans favourite food is chicken curry n parota .he loves fishes as pets n dogs too .i think he should post his parents photo because they r always an important people .does he have a fan club in kuwait. has he visited kuwait anytime. take care fk kuwait

  2. Why Rehman is sad? Rehman legacy won't be there because he doesn't have a son to pass his legacy that is the reason he is sad.onother thing is after his marriage he was not busy in Tamil, Telegu or Malayalam.but he did not try honestly to make a come back.that is the main mistake he made because that was his golden age for dancing and fighting.but now he is 42 years old and it is too late for a come back only he can come back as villan or family thing is he was married to a millioner's daughter but he does not have a money saving mentality that is why he still do not have a big house and exotic fleet of cars like other superstar does does.I am not hurting Rehman I am saying the facts of his life style.I am big fan of Rehman since 1983 and these facts are hurting me too.

  3. No sadness...As u know this photos without any make up...

    Daughters also good. In the time of oldage days your son may not with u. But your daughter must be there arounfnd u.

    Another thing 42 age is not an age. Nagarjuna (50), Mohanlal(50), Mammootty, Kamalhassan all are dancing. More over if u see Rahman you can feel only 30 -35 age.

    So he will back...But his main problem is he can't "Soaping" directors. Because he born and brought up in wealthy / Decent family...that is the issue...

    Sindhu Raj / Abhirami / Malavika

  4. Well Well i din't know owning fleets of cars and big house makes a person happy!!!!the truth of the matter is to me he looks the same,that cute innocent face...And he has the best partner nd girls and they are happy and he's earing enough to educate his girls,but most of all he's enjoying a family life ,to me he looks very happy and satisfied and that's all ans enough to live in this world...In my eyes he's the richest man because of his Love nd caring towards his partner,these days you don't find that...and good father..mate you area Goiod example for peolple in the film industry and one more i respect you is that you are God fearing....wot else you need really....

  5. we like ur coolest and innocent smile and innocent caracters

  6. hi my super star mr rahman my favorite actor very beautyful photos all ok good luck

    jeyanthi in cyprus

  7. i am from Perinthamanna, u from Nilambur, we are "Ore naatukar..."


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